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Everyone has their own way of dealing with the morning of a wedding. Some couples get super nervous and go into quiet mode where they just say nothing and keep to themselves. Others get crazy excited, so excited that you can almost see the butterflies in their stomach and just cant wait to get married.
Some people go surfing with his 3 best men and his wedding photographer. :)
I arrived early that morning as I had heard the waves where going to be good in Cork. My entire Cork surfing experience has been small. It consisted of me driving down thinking I was going to get great waves and failing about 4 or 5 times. For that reason my hopes were low as I approached the beach we we’re about to go surfing.
To my surprise myself, Colin and the grooms men pulled up we saw two proper nice waves straight away. This got us super excited!
Surfing before the morning of a wedding is my new favourite thing to do! You come out of the water on a full high and I couldn’t wait to shoot Norma & Colin’s wedding!!
The rest of the day went off without a hitch. Norma & Colin wanted to make their wedding stand out a little and they did that with style. All the little details really gave the day that extra special feeling.
The location was the beautiful Barnabrow House in Cork which I had never worked in before. I was very impressed! Surrounded by trees & full of little hidden gems for photos made shooting there a breeze!
Check out the slideshow at the end.
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Wedding Slideshow
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